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An Update… GTA 5, Blacklist and Saints Row 4 Reviews and explaining where I’ve been.

Hi all, I feel like I should explain why things have been going a lot slower than it used to be with the posts. The simple answer is Sixth Form A2 A Levels are a bit overwhelming.

My work load has been huge since I started back in early September and that is why neither the Blacklist or Saints Row 4 reviews have been published, let alone started and for that I apologize immensely but there is simply nothing I can do about it. Unfortunately when it comes to a school essay or a review the essay has to come first (for the time being at least…).

However I have recently decided I have got enough out of GTA 5 to start a review. I didn’t want to leave out the online portion for the review and wanted to get a mass amount out of the game so I have experienced everything and with about 80% completion in single player and being level 30 in Online, I feel like I can now write a good enough review for the game so that will be the next review out for sure. When though? Unfortunately I cannot give an exact date, if my Sixth Form workload lightens then soon-ish if not maybe another week or two.

As for the Blacklist and Saints Row 4 reviews they will still happen. I want to review them mainly just for the record and especially as the game releases are starting to dwindle a bit with next gen round the corner and it being near the end of 2013. However they will come out after the GTA 5 review.

As for news updates I will try my damn hardest to get any new news on the site. I know it may not seem like I have been trying hard for the last two weeks but I have, but then unfortunately failed.  But let it be known if something massive happens (like the Xbox One gets cancelled or something else just huge) I will get that up as soon as, no matter what. The smaller news bits may not always come though.

I hope you all understand and thank you for your patience.

– James.

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GTA V Has Made A Billion Dollars In Just Three Days



Hooooolyyyyyyy sh— After spending over 100 million dollars in development and in the first three days of release (17th-20th of September) Rockstar claims that GTA V has already made one billion dollars.

A statement from Take Two Interactive reads:

“We believe this marks the fastest that any entertainment property, including video games and feature films, has reach this significant milestone.”

The game not only set a record for one of the most (if not the) most expensive game ever made, but also the biggest profit in gaming. If we compare this to a film like The Avengers which made one billion dollars in around 20 days on the box office GTA V has smashed that in comparison. This is definitely a mark that gaming should be taken much more seriously as both a port of media and an artwork. If beating one of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters race to one billion in profit doesn’t do it, I don’t know what will.

And just to mention, yes I will review GTA V of course and have recently just finished the game and hit 80.5% total completion. However I do not feel I am ready to review the game yet as I still know I have not experienced everything but I will say this, whilst not perfect, GTA V is one of the best games in the last few years, maybe even in the decade.

Expect it soon.

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Grand Theft Auto V Features Real Life Gang Members As Voice Actors


Well when Rockstar said they strive for authenticity they weren’t bloody kidding. Producer Lazlow Jones revealed this week during an interview with Chicago radio station WGN that GTA V’s gang members are all voiced by real gang members in real life.

“When we record all these ambient characters that are in the world we go towards authenticity,” Lazlow said during the discussion “So in the game, part of the element of the story is that there’s these gangs, these rival gangs. There’s black gangs, there’s Latino gangs, and we recruited a guy who gets gang members, like actual gang members, real gang members. I mean, El Salvadorian gang dudes with amazing tattoos and one of which literally had gotten out of prison the day before.”

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Grand Theft Auto V: The Official Trailer

Today Rockstar released a one minute official trailer for their newest game GTA V.

(Video from the CVG YouTube Channel)

Despite being only a minute long it creates a whole tone for the game and for me the trailer gave off a true Hollywood heist drama movie atmosphere. This possibly being the last trailer Rockstar will release for the game before launch, they sure did it with a bang.

Grand Theft Auto launches September 17th Worldwide.

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Future Plans…

Hey there,


Just a heads up on what to expect soon on the site.

I hope to have both a Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Saints Row IV review up on the site as soon as I complete the games and write them, however in the UK these games only came out today so this may take a while to do of course, but they will be up at some point.

Also I have plans to write a piece revolving around an older game which may turn into somewhat of a series…

Thank you all for your patience.


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GTA V Achievement List Leaked Online


The Xbox 360 achievement list for the most anticipated release this year, GTA V, were leaked via  Xbox360Achievements on Friday showing us some things we can expect to see when the game releases in September.


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Star Wars Battlefront Game Developed By DICE Down for 2015 Release

DICE SW BF Game 2015

Here it is, DICE and EA have finally confirmed that in Summer 2015 we will see the next Battlefront game in the series. However it is still unsure if this is more of a reboot of the series or Battlefront III.

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